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Yu-na Kim Leaves Agency, Starting her own

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According to USA Today, Olympic gold medalist Yu-na Kim is leaving her agent IB Sports since her three-year contract comes to a close.  Is she sure she wants to leave the company that set her up with sanitary napkin commercials?  Shocking.  Anyway, Kim and her mother are starting up a new agency, AT Sports.  The company will focus solely on Kim:

Kim's mother, Park Mi-hee, says in a statement Monday that IB Sports is busy running several businesses while AT Sports will focus entirely on Kim, who won gold at the Vancouver Olympics in February.

She makes so many appearances and endorsements...and millions upon millions a year, so it doesn't seem like Kim was lost in the shuffle (although she hasn't seemed to make any impact in the States yet...but then again it's also not 1994 anymore).  Kim is such a powerhouse I guess it makes sense for her to have her own company. 

I wonder if she'll have to pay commission to AT Sports...or if it will just be her mom or something.