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The Brian Orser Angle

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Since Yu-na Kim won the Olympic gold medal and everyone in the whole world has been speculating as to whether she'll retire from ISU competition or continue on, there have been rumors and a fair amount of wishful thinking that Japanese world champ Mao Asada might work with Brian Orser. 

In the wake of Kim's leaving her agency, IB Sports, it's also come out that Orser was unofficially approached about a coaching position with Asada, who is looking for a new coach.  Of course, according to Chosun Ilbo, there were rumors that Orser would leave Kim for Asada.  That anyone would ever believe that is an absolute joke.  I think most would agree that the only way Orser would coach Asada is if Kim retires from competition.

Anyway, JoongAng Daily reports today that Orser denies talks that he will coach Asada and pretty much confirms my assumption:

In a telephone interview with Yonhap, the Canadian admitted that Asada’s agent had offered him the job at the World Championships last month, when the Japanese figure skater reclaimed her world title from Kim, the 2009 champion.

But Orser, who has coached Kim since 2006, said that he is not considering coaching Asada and that he is devoted to Kim.

I would not mind seeing Asada work with Orser (if Kim decides to take a break from skating or something) but I think I'm just eager to see her with a new approach at this point.  But I can see why her fans would be clamoring to see her with Orser - he does seem to be able to really refine contenders and help them develop their potential.

What do you think?  Is this talk just hysteria fueled by Asada fans (or Kim fans worrying that she will retire)?  Or do you think there is really a chance we will see an Asada/Orser coaching pairing before the next Olympics?  I think Yu-na Kim may hold the key to that answer!