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Skating with the Lysacek. Dancing, Too.

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Confession number one:  I did not get to watch the first half-hour of the show!  Confession number two:  This is around the time where I get really tired of watching the 3rd through 5th-best couples because they are so much worse than the 1st and 2nd best dancers, so in this case I didn't mind that much.

Two dance night, first the Ballroom stuff:

Evan Lysacek (waltz):  Well, Evan finally takes Anna out on the ice.  He is adorable in criticizing her.  They are doing the waltz this week - no hip action, Lysacek is happy.  Anna says Lysacek can sometimes come across as cold in the dances (cold as ICE!  she set me up).  He wants to be a romantic character.  I will be the judge.  They start out looking like two dead bodies on the ground, so that's kind of disturbing.  But they are dancing to Journey, so I will continue watching.  Ok this is a nice dance.  He's a great dancer...he's not perfect on every step, to be honest, I wonder what the real judges will say.  Not as good as the tango last week, either.  Vera Wang is in the audience, along with Kim Kardashian.  Len is not sure if he liked it or not.  He wants to watch it again.  He says the footwork is good, other things...not sure he liked the personality.  OMG Bruno enlightens me that Romeo and Juliet reawakened, hahaa...I guess they WERE dead bodies.  I am so obtuse.  Carrie Ann says his lines are impeccable.  But she wants him to lose himself in the moment.  Score:  27/30.

Nicole Scherzinger (foxtrot):  Well, it's nice to see someone is still reading newspapers.  I think this is so adorable.  Cute steps, she looks so happy and she is getting all the steps right with some pizazz.  I think the lyrics are more important to this dance than any dance since Paparazzi.  heh.  I loved it.  Bruno said it was pure dancing joy.  A jewel created by a master.  Carrie Ann said it was nice to see Nicole smile again and she was defying imagination.  She says Nicole is challenging herself every step of the way.  Len says they turned it into an enchanting love story...but he has a bit of criticism of the hold.  Score:  29/30.

Now, it's latin time.

Chad Ochocinco (jive, 60s style):  This is cute because it's Chad but it's not at all challenging compared to what Lysacek and Scherzinger have been doing lately.  He is worried too much about the steps.  But so fun to watch!  Len says it was high energy and fun, he thought it was well done...some problems with kicks?  Bruno says Len was right.  Carrie Ann says it was groovy with wild energy.  But you can tell they are kind of like...not as into it as they are with Nicole or maybe Evan.  He is just not as good.

Niecy Nash  (paso doble):  Not a fabulous dance.  She does not look that comfortable for some reason.  Their hold is all weird.  They do much better in the part where they are not in hold.  I am still impressed watching, though...  Bruno said she throws herself into these dances but it can be an avalanche.  He says it's a difficult dance that requires power and control and she was not always steady.  This was not very good.  Carrie Ann says she gets a lot of credit and she is giving them more - most ambitious routine yet.  But she felt the beginning was out of whack.  Len said getting through the routine isn't good enough and this dance does not suit her.  Score:  20/30.

Erin Andrews (rumba, 80s style):  She is too cute, I can't take it.  She looks a bit awkward up on the steps dancing alone.  And Maks' pants are making me uncomfortable.  Nice split from Erin!  She is  not a rumba-er.  It's not that great.  But I like to watch these two anyway.  I just don't think she looks too comfortable with the hip action - it looks like this dance could be from earlier in the season.  SMOOCH.  Carrie Ann says Erin is right, she doubts herself. Len says she had great hip action (ha...not me!)...but he adds that the whole thing was jerky and she's got a jerky action.  I do agree, sad!  Bruno says they made great music together.  Maks gives him the white coat, awesome.  He say's she's getting better and he thinks she should be in the final.  Score:  25/30.

Evan Lysacek (cha cha, futuristic):  YAY HE'S DOING THE WALL-E VOICE.  They have to keep it modern.  Lysacek really likes to do robot voices.  Kinky.  Get ready for some hip action!  Smoke Machine!!! woot.  UM, his hair is AMAZING.  He really is trying to be a robot, which is kind of weird, but I like the dance.  I don't know that the robot stuff is helping the hip action.  OMG I JUST REALIZED I think he is reprising his see-through shirt from last season!  HA.  The man is comfortable with showing his nipples.  I thought that was very enjoyable to watch but I really couldn't say if it was a good cha cha.  Len says Evan has had a bit of luck because he generally lacks any rhythm but he got to play a robot.  He says the cha cha cha lacked fluidity.  He says Evan has confused him.  Bruno says it is clear...Mr. Spock meets Barbarella in Cha Cha Trek, the Next Generation.  In 3-D.  He thoguht it was inventive and creative.  Carrie Ann thought it was perfectly lucky that they got the futuristic cha cha cha and that it worked well. Score:  26/30.

Nicole Scherzinger (paso doble, 50s style):  Ok this is super cute off the bat and they are just so good.  I love when the dance looks hard but also looks like they are performing so well.  This is amazing.  Lysacek has his work cut out for him!  Bruno thought it was feisty and passionate and said the flavor of Spain has never tasted so good.  Carrie Ann has the giggles.  She didn't get how they did that...she says it was brilliant.  I agree.  Len says he was very nice about his posture and it's not in his nature to be nice about two dances in one night and he's disappointed because there was nothing he could see to criticize.  Score:  30/30.

WHO WILL MAKE IT TO THE SEMI-FINALS!??  We will find out tonight.