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Tanith Belbin and Charlie White Go Public (People Public)

Well, most people in the skating community who appreciate gossip have been keeping tabs on the Tanith Belbin and Charlie White relationship, but it doesn't count until it's in People magazine! So now, it counts. 

Unfortunately, the picture associated with the article is...not the best.  Here is Tanith's quote from the article:

"We have great chemistry," says Belbin, who is traveling with White as part of the Smuckers Stars on Ice skating tour, which stops in Los Angeles Thursday at the Staples Center and Anaheim Friday at the Honda Center. "We like each other a lot, and the competing part hasn't ever factored into our relationship or how we work with our respective partners."

Nothin' says love like "we like each other a lot."  Apparently Meryl was apprehensive about the relationship at first, but realized that Charlie still wanted to win every competition.  I think it was smarter to date a competitor than a partner!  No word on what Ben thought.  But he doesn't seem like he really minds too much, so I doubt he cared.