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Dancing with the Stars Finals!

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Tonight the finalists face the first two of an "unprecedented" four dances for the finals.  Wowee. 

Redemption Dance Time!

Erin Andrews (samba): Bruno coaches Maks and Erin and spends a lot of time yelling about Erin's ass.  I find this dance so difficult to figure out.  It is not as smooth as the other ones for Andrews. But it's pretty good and has some really cute "shake your hips" parts. And then they attack the judges at the end.  Len says that Maks fulfilled one of his dreams by...kissing him at the end of the dance.  He was studying.  He thanks Maks for not taking his clothes off and says that Erin had a lot of improvement from the last time she danced the samba.  Bruno says she is hotter than something.  He can't believe the result.  29/30.  I am a little confused about the 10s...because that didn't seem like the best dance ever.  But whatevs, I like her.

Evan Lysacek (Viennese waltz):  Len is the coach for this crew.  He says they needed to improve chemistry.  Lysacek's hair is distracting.  Len is showing Evan that he has to take "moments" to connect with Anna.  Ok they start dancing and Evan is so good and so natural.  He actually does seem to care about Anna.  Nice spin.  Little hoppy steps are cutesy.  I feel like dancing.  That was a beautiful waltz!  Bruno says fluidity and lyricism as good as always and he likes the connection..he could feel the sparks.  Carrie Ann said he fixed his problems that he had the last time.  She loved it.  Len said it had grace, elegance and a lot of movement...but he collapsed a bit in his stance at times.  But overall a wonderful job.  Score:  28/30.  Harumph!

Nicole Scherzinger (rumba):  Carrie Ann is encouraging Nicole to let go.  I am sure we will see a great dance here.  Lady in Red, gets my requisite ten bonus points.  This girl is amazing, showing off her extension.  There is never that much dancing in the rumba, which might be why I never love it.  They appear to be doing very well, and I am extremely impressed with her.  Derek carries her off the floor.  Suggestive!  Carrie Ann says she had to become vulnerable and she did it, it was mesmerizing.  BUT she says she saw the lift at the end, but Derek says he thought the music was finished.  OH.  Len says he felt there was a lack of confidence here and there.  AND he snaps at Carrie Ann because she doesn't agree but meanwhile she was talking about the lift.  Bruno says it had sensuality, romance, seemlessly woven into a thing of extreme beauty.  Score:  28/30.

Freestyle Round (WHO does not love the freestyle round!?)

Erin Andrews:  They are going with a contemporary something or other.  Their freestyle is supposed to tell the story of Erin and Maks.  And Erin thinks it will be unexpected.  SHE LOVES IT, she manically yells during practice, perhaps after her fifth Red Bull.  "Alone" starts up.  THIS WAS ON GLEE.  It's sad that all of these songs that I used to love on their own merit are now noteworthy to me because they WERE ON GLEE.  Bed sequence.  Erin is writhing around on like...a really creepy looking cheap looking mattress.  I am not that into the writhing with Erin; it never looks that natural.  Once again, I will say, I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST WROTE THAT SENTENCE.  He picks her up and spins her all over.  Lots of running and throwing of Erin onto the cheap bed.  Ugh.  This is not my cup of tea.  But I guess she meant that by risque he would be jumping on her on the bed. Also, these are some impressive positions, I will say that. It's not as much dancing as posing and flipping around.  I can't really hate anything that Erin Andrews does because she seems like a Nice Girl.  So I will give them one thumb up.  Len said they took an enormous risk ( what...the bed? The "lyrical" dance instead of a dance with actual steps??) and in part they pulled it off.  It was a mix for him.  He liked it but didn't love it.  Bruno says it was a psychodrama, she took a risk, and she pulled off incredible steps.  Carrie Ann thought it was the perfect choice for them to make.  Carrie Ann said it is not Maks's specialty to make his partner look good hahaha but he did it here. Maks mentions that it wasn't the bed they rehearsed on.  HEE! Score:  26/30.  I feel like those scores really say it all...

Evan Lysacek:  Lysacek thinks Anna is making it a little bit too West Side Story.  He is not afraid of taking risks in the freestyle.  It's looking weird so far in the fluff.  They are disagreeing...Lysacek wants a little less Jerome Robbins and he doesn't think it's going to compete with anyone. SAYS WHO!?  Anna is really perturbed.  OMG kiss and make up.  There is no way Lysacek will look at all like the other two anyway, so I don't know what he is so worried about.  Anna says there is so much pressure on the freestyle because the freestyle winner usually wins.  TO BE CONTINUED...

Anna brings in a choreographer (Maks and Erin did the same, that is what everyone does).  They are meshing their styles together.  Wow, it is all coming together.  On to the dance!  Evan has some crazy hair and they are dancing to "Footloose."  Ok, this is super cute but defintiely not like...edgy and tough or anything particularly different. It's still cheesy.  But I likes it.  He picks her up and spins her around.  Definitely this is more of my type of dance than Erin's...because of the cheesy steps!!!  Evan looks a little bit like Ed Grimley.  Another big lift.  AHH that was a lot of fun!!! Bruno said Evan looked demented...he knows that Lysacek wants it badly but what he lost was the precision and the slickness.  Yeah, I can see that.  Carrie Ann says that that was odd.  And that when you do side by side dancing, you have to match your lines.  Len doesn't think it was what either of the dancers wanted to do.  And it wasn't what he wanted to see.  Uh oh!  I watched again and I can see what Carrie Ann means.  I think in this dance although it was fun, the two were back to not really feeling each other and more about just dancing well, which I don't think is enough when we are about to see Nicole and Derek.  Score:  24/30.  That does not bode well for Lysacek!

Nicole Scherzinger:  Again about how the freestyle is the deciding factor.  After the last two, we are definitely ready for an AMAZING dance.  This is obviously Scherzinger's jam.  Um, you had me at glitter suits and yellow shoes. "A Little Less Conversation."  This is more in the vein of what Evan and Anna did but a lot more dancing together, extremely smooth...they are just so professional.  I mean, she's obviously a dancer.  They are amazing and the steps look extremely difficult.  Costume change, and still awesome dancing.  I liked Evan's dance but this is like 12 times better.  She kind of slips getting up into a ridiculous lift at the end, but whatever.  Sometimes I don't need those lifts anyway.  I LOVED THIS DANCE.  Awesome job.  Carrie Ann says that is the freestyle we've all bee waiting for.  Len saw a million dances and entertainment, he loved it.  Bruno says dazzling creativity.  This was actually one of my favorite dances I've ever seen on this show. Score:  27/30.

Two more dances tomorrow!