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Pomp and Circumstance

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Lots of graduation business going on in recent weeks.  Rachael Flatt has graduated high school (with honors, duh) and here is a picture on  She has chosen to take a year off and attend Stanford in the fall of 2011.  The question now is what will the Flatt narrative be next season?  They can no longer talk about AP classes and all of the classes she is applying to...but I suppose the announcers can still discuss Stanford.  Congratulations to Flatt!  I wonder how different it will be skating next year while not having to worry about all that studying!

Michelle Kwan delivered a commencement speech at Southern Vermont College a couple of weeks ago and LA Times put up a video link.  Philip Hersh also blogged a transcript of the speech with a foreword about how awesome Michelle Kwan is, and I have to agree with that sentiment.