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Lysacek Versus Weir, Round #457

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I am finding this story really annoying.  But, I wrote about it last week so I feel I should give some updates.  I should also add in that I had a nightmare about it last night.  Evan and Johnny, your bickering gives me nightmares. 

So, you read about how Evan Lysacek said that Johnny Weir was essentially not good enough for Stars on Ice to justify selecting him. 

Following that, Johnny Weir said he wouldn't skate for Stars on Ice even if they asked him (via Wall Street Journal) and called Lysacek a "slore" and said the two were at war (via New York Daily News).  The article also stated about Weir:

He continued the mudslinging on Thursday when he told People, "I've never whined. I wasn't the one who falls dancing and gets a concussion and breaks toes and has hip replacement surgeries. If anyone whines, it's definitely Evan. He's done that his whole career, and I've never said anything about it just because there was no need."

"I have no respect for Evan Lysacek," added Weir, who is opening the new season for Ice Theatre of New York at Chelsea Piers.
Lysacek appears to have backtracked and admits his personal feelings for Weir got in the way of his answering the Stars on Ice question:
Hoping to call a truce with his colleague, Lysacek issued a statement on Friday, calling Weir "an accomplished and talented skater."

"I let my personal feelings cloud my judgment in how I answered a journalist's question about 'Stars on Ice' and Johnny that I should never have answered," he said. "I should have known better."
Lysacek also told US Magazine that his response may have been sparked in part by Weir's questioning Lysacek's sexuality (most notably on the Chelsea Handler Show, which it should be noted that Weir says in the above WSJ article that his winking implication that Evan is gay was just creative editing by the show):
Lysacek explains his outburst: "Since the Olympics, I've dealt with Johnny's questioning my integrity and sexuality, and I've never spoken out on my own behalf no matter how hurtful those things may have been. I should have known better."

I thought it was terrible when Lysacek said what he did about Stars on Ice not inviting Weir to perform, but I'm glad he can admit that he let his personal feelings cloud his answer and that he should not have answered that question.  Let's hope Weir can drop it now that he's gotten the upper hand by using the term "slore" (I mean, how can you counter that?  really.)...but now that his reality show is no longer focusing on skating (I assume), it's probably in his best professional interest to keep the drama going.  So the war may never end!  Not sure if I'll be reporting future installments here...since, like I said, the story kind of makes me nauseous.  If this is what comes from American figure skaters being in the national spotlight, maybe I like it better when I can only see them on my choppy Icenetwork Trophee Eric Bompard feed.