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I Hope You Dance....With Evan Lysacek

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Another Monday, another night of dancing!

Erin Andrews (quickstep):  Lots of drama about Maks's inability not to strip during the dance.  There is some costume play at the beginning which I don't totally understand but it's SUPER QUICK and this is the QUICKSTEP.  so..there.  Um, I'm kind of IN LOVE with Erin's quickstep.  So much fun and it looks sooo difficult!  Great choreography.  I will watch that one again.  Len thought the stripping was fine.  He says it was Erin's best dance.  Beautiful hold and he loved the performance.  Bruno says it was slick, lightning fast, and brighter than Len's tie.  He says the formations were so difficult and she did it beautifully.  She slouches sometimes in the shoulders, he says.  Carrie Ann says it was great - attention to detail, lines, etc.  Score:  27/30.

Chad Ochocinco (Viennesse Waltz):  Nice waltz here from Chad.  He isn't this amazing talented dancer, but he gets it done and looks nice.  Bruno can't believe Chad can be so gentle and graceful...gentle giant.  He says Chad needs to have his extension travel to his fingers.  And he is too heavy on the downbeat sometimes.  Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno about the arms...and says there is nothing sexier than a man finding out how to be tender.  Len thought Chad's arms were full of fluidity...he says tonight Chad became a contender.  Score:  Happy Birthday, Cheryl.  25/30.  Cheryl is super excited but Chad almost leaves her hangin.  Chad, don't do that.

Nicole Scherzinger (waltz):  She is so graceful and is just doing some beautiful things in this dance...argh she almost looked to trip very quickly but I assume it was an actual step that I didn't get. hee.  Pretty spin ending.  What a nice dance.  I'm dizzy.  Carrie says that Nicole is by far the best dancer they've had on the show.  But, they were side by side in the waltz while two were supposed to become one.  Len loved it...thought the parts not in ballroom hold were fantastic...the parts in hold had some issues.  Bruno says she is as close to dancing royalty as she could possibly be, but he says she made a few mistakes.  Score:  27/30.

Kate Gosselin (abs):  Score:  26/30.

Pamela Anderson (waltz):  Her hold is a little weird at the beginning...posture is not fabulous.  Just not sure the waltz is Pam's dance.  Still, I do like her better than Chad (sorry, Chad!).  There are some nice moves toward the end of this dance.  Len says this waltz was quiet and understated.  He says she has to work on firming up the upper body.  Bruno says she is so pure and demure.  HA.  She got the character right, but her top needs help in the slow dances.  Carrie Ann says that last week she asked about her legs and saw huge improvements in the legs and extension and toes.  Score:  24/30.

Niecy Nash (quickstep):  Very fun...seems quite natural for Niecy.  I can never tell if they're getting the steps right with these dresses.  All I can tell is this is fun to watch.  Bruno says Niecy has never looked more flawless.  Her footwork was better than ever.  Carrie Ann says that was her best dance.  She was right on her feet and never stopped moving, she loved it.  Len agrees it was her best dance but she has to lift her rib cage up.  Score:  25/30.

Evan Lysacek (Argentine tango):  Lysacek was SO BAD last week (apparently).  So he has to really make a comeback this week.  He wants to be pushed harder this week.  But he is being too lyrical...there are no balletic moves in the tango, says Anna.  Lysacek cannot work that pom-pom hat as much as he thinks he can.  THIS SONG IS FROM GLEE WHERE IS MERCEDES??  (Bust your windows).  He is trying to be very powerful and masculine at the beginning and it's not working for me.  But, I think it gets a little better and I start to really like it towards the middle - he's selling the tough guy thing finally.  He's very good.  And he lifts her and is amazing!  I hate the tango.  Carrie Ann says that Evan Lysacek has the eye of the tiger.  She says he it was so sexy, perfect combination of power and control.  Len says that he knew Evan was nice on ice, but he had his doubts that he was going to be good on wood.  He is dusting off his unused paddle.  Bruno says he danced like a true alpha male.  Score:  30/30.  WOW.  Perfect score, and boy is he excited!!!

Team Cha Cha Challenge.  A chance to compare couples side by side.  Team Gaga versus Team Madonna.  On Team Gaga:  Nicole, Chad, and Pam.  Team Madonna:  Erin, Evan, and Niecy.  Each team will have a solo and a group section.  I like seeing the teams practice together!!  so cute!

Team Gaga:  The group stuff is very good.  Pam's solo:  starts out ok, but their hold appears to be messed up at the beginning.  It's cute but not fabulous.  Chad's solo - well, he has Cheryl doing the shaky stuff, so he has an advantage...but he too is not perfect, seems to be thinking the steps a lot...but so fun.  Nicole's solo is amazing, of course.  she is almost a pro.  I LOVE the group parts, so fun!!  The judges thought it was great...Bruno says it had incredible energy.  Carrie says Chad struggled a little but they were a great team.  Score:  27/30.

Team Madonna:  Evan has not yet done the cha cha (like Nicole in the prior group) and Niecy is teaching him to move his hips.  He says he has nothing to "pop."  All the members of Team Madonna are in different places. 

Cute beginning...Evan looks kind of hilarious shakin those hips.  The group stuff is adorable.  I had to rewind because Evan just skipped across the floor.  His solo is very good but I'm not sure if they are going to think he is moving his lower region enough.   NIecy's solo is very cute...they look like they're having a lot of fun.  Just ok, though...they miss hands a few times.  Erin's solo is just ok as well...She is so cute.  I think Evan's was the best...I don't see much hip movement from her either.  Love the group dance...quick costume change...but I guess I think the first group was a bit better overall.  I just got this weird feeling like i was at a high school dance competition or something.  That last pose was just so cheesy!  hee.  Bruno liked it but the group lost sync at the end.  Carrie Ann thought it was fun but thought the ending could have come earlier.  Erin rushed and then was a step behind.  Len commends them for doing two dances in a week.  Score:  24/30.  errr...