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Belbin and Agosto Officially Retire

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For some reason, I thought this story had already come out.  But I guess it had never been official.  According to The Sports Network, Olympic 2006 silver medal ice dancers Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto have retired from competition.

"We have accomplished and surpassed so many of our goals, from participating in two Olympic Games to pushing ourselves and developing our skills in this sport we love so much," said Belbin. "We feel we can move on from our competitive careers without regret."

The couple were five-time U.S. champs and four-time world championship medalists.  They have been credited for paving the way for teams like Virtue and Moir to finally ascend to the top of the Olympic ice dancing podium.

No word on the career paths of the two; I assume they will still be skating in shows together.