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Grand Prix Lineup Announced

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The International Skating Union's Grand Prix lineup has been announced.  The full list of entries for each event can be found at ISU's website.  Here is a list of the Americans competing at each event, along with other notable entries.

I wasn't sure Inoue and Baldwin would continue competing - they definitely sounded like they were done with ISU competition in their interviews at the 2010 Nationals, when they missed making the Olympic team by a small (and some believed controversial) margin.  So it's interesting to them on the schedule.  BUT, we must remember that skaters withdraw from these events all the time, so who knows how much to read into the list below.

With that in mind, it's also very interesting to see that Johnny Weir has accepted two Grand Prix assignments.  Not sure if I would bet money on his competing at those events (just can't imagine he has time to skate much these days, what with the publicly lobbying for a spot on "Dancing with the Stars" and all of the photo opportunities).  BUT summer hasn't even started yet, so there is definitely time for him to get ready.  I also notice that only one American man has been invited to (or accepted) a spot at the Russian Grand Prix, and that man is not Johnny Weir.  And no American pairs will be at Trophee Eric Bompard, which is a testament to the weakness of our pairs, I suppose.

As far as Olympic medalists, Evan Lysacek and Shen and Zhao are out.  Evgeny Plushenko is up for Russia but nothing else. Domnina and Shabalin are gone.  Everyone else is back and up for a couple of Grand Prix events.

US Figure Skating has done its classy TBD trick for Skate America.  I would expect that ladies spot to go to Amanda Dobbs if she continues competing the way she closed out last season, since she has only one Grand Prix assignment below...or perhaps it will be gifted to another up-and-comer who hasn't skated in Grand Prix yet.  As for pairs, Inoue and Baldwin have only been invited to (or accepted the invite at) one Grand Prix, so perhaps if they are in the running for the Grand Prix Final they will receive the Skate America invite. 

NHK Trophy, Nagoya, Japan, Oct. 22-24

Ladies: Rachael Flatt, Ashley Wagner, Caroline Zhang, Kanako Marukami (Japan), Mao Asada (Japan), Kiira Korpi (Finland), Carolina Kostner (Italy), Elene Gedevanishvili (Georgia)
Men: Jeremy Abbott, Ross Miner, Kevin Van der Perren (Belgium), Jeremy Ten (Canada), Florent Amodio (France), Daisuke Takahashi (Japan), Denis Ten (Kazahkstan)
Pairs: Caydee Denney/Jeremy Barrett, Rena Inoue/John Baldwin, Pang and Tong (China),  Bazarova and Larionov (Russia)
Ice Dancing: Meryl Davis/Charlie White, Emily Samuelson/Evan Bates, Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani, Zaretsky and Zaretsky (Israel), Weaver and Poje (Canada), Cappellini and Lanotte (Italy)

Skate Canada International: Kingston, Ontario -- Oct. 29-31
Ladies: Alissa Czisny, Alexe Gilles, Agnes Zawadzki, Cynthia Phaneuf (Canada), Laura Lepisto (Finland), Fumie Suguri (Japan), Ksenia Makarova (Russia), Sarah Meier (Switzerland)
Men: Adam Rippon, Johnny Weir, Patrick Chan (Canada), Kevin Reynolds (Canada), Alban Preaubert (France), Nobunari Oda (Japan)
Pairs: Marissa Castelli/Simon Shnapir, Keauna McLaughlin/Rockne Brubaker, Dube and Davison (Canada), Kavaguti and Smirnov (Russia)
Ice Dancing: Madison Chock/Greg Zuerlein, Rachel Tibbetts/Collin Brubaker, Kerr and Kerr (Great Britain), Crone and Poirier (Canada), Virtue and Moir (Canada)

Cup of China: Beijing, China -- Nov. 5-7
Ladies: Mirai Nagasu, Amanda Dobbs, Kristine Musademba, Miki Ando (Japan), Akiko Suzuki (Japan), Yu-na Kim (Korea), Alena Leonova (Russia)
Men: Ross Miner, Brandon Mroz, Michal Brezina (Czech Republic), Tomas Verner (Czech Republic), Brian Joubert (France), Samuel Contesti (Italy), Takahiko Kozuka (Japan)
Pairs: Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig, Caitlin Yankowskas/John Coughlin, Pang and Tong (China), Zhang and Zhang (China)
Ice Dancing: Isabella Cannuscio/Ian Lorello, Madison Hubbell/Keiffer Hubbell, Pechalat and Bourzat (France), Faiella and Scali (Italy)

Skate America: Portland, Ore. -- Nov. 11-14
Ladies: Rachael Flatt, Caroline Zhang, TBD (USA), Kanako Marukami (Japan), Carolina Kostner (Italy), Laura Lepisto (Finland),
Men: Stephen Carriere, Adam Rippon, TBD (USA), Kevin Van der Perren (Belgium), Shawn Sawyer (Canada), Nobunari Oda (Japan), Daisuke Takahashi (Japan), Denis Ten, Adrien Schultheiss (Sweden)
Pairs: Caydee Denney/Jeremy Barrett, Keauna McLaughlin/Rockne Brubaker, TBD (USA), Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany)
Ice Dancing: Meryl Davis/Charlie White, Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani, TBD (USA), Crone and Poirier (Canada), Weaver and Poje (Canada), Zaretsky and Zaretsky (Israel), Cappellini and Lanotte (Italy)

Cup of Russia: Moscow, Russia -- Nov. 19-21
Ladies: Ashley Wagner, Agnes Zawadzki, Ksenia Makarova (Russia), Sarah Meier (Switzerland), Alena Leonova (Russia), Yu-na Kim (Korea)
Men: Jeremy Abbott, Patrick Chan (Canada), Tomas Verner (Czech Republic), Alban Preaubert (France), Samuel Contesti (Italy), Evgeny Plushenko (Russia)
Pairs: Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig, Britney Simpson/Nathan Miller, Dube and Davison (Canada), Kavaguti and Smirnov (Russia)
Ice Dancing: Madison Hubbell/Keiffer Hubbell, Kerr and Kerr (Great Britain), Faiella and Scali (Italy)

Trophée Eric Bompard: Paris, France -- Nov. 26-28
Ladies: Alissa Czisny, Mirai Nagasu, Mao Asada (Japan), Fumie Suguri (Japan), Kiira Korpi (Finland)
Men: Brandon Mroz, Johnny Weir, Kevin Reynolds (Canada), Michal Brezina (Czech Republic), Brian Joubert (France), Takahiko Kozuka (Japan)
Pairs: None assigned at this time (USA), Zhang and Zhang (China), Bazarova and Larionov (Russia), Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany)
Ice Dancing: Madison Chock/Greg Zuerlein, Emily Samuelson/Evan Bates, Pechalat and Bourzat (France), Virtue and Moir (Canada)