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Sweet Story from LA Times

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The Los Angeles Times has the story of Doreen Denny, 1959 world ice dancing champion, and the prize tray she won at those championships.  The tray was apparently stolen but recently found its way back to her.

Last year, just before Christmas, the manager of a city ice rink called Doreen Denny on her day off. At age 68, Denny still taught ice skating five days a week. The manager insisted she come in right away. His voice sounded odd.

"There's some crazy lady here who says she has something that belongs to you," he said, trying to sound mysterious. "It's something from the '50s."

"The '50s?" Denny sputtered in her clipped British accent. "I wasn't even here in the '50s."

But she was. Fifty-one years before, as a wispy teenager from Twickenham, England, she and her partner had skated flawlessly for their country at the storied Broadmoor World Arena to capture the 1959 ice dancing world championship.

"It's some kind of a silver plate," the manager said, adding that there was writing on it.

Denny's hands began to shake. Her prize from so long ago was an elaborate silver tray with the engraved words: "World Ice Dancing Champions. Colorado Springs. USA. 1959." But the tray had vanished nearly three decades before, stolen during a house break-in.