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ISU Officially Ditches Compulsory Dance

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The International Skating Union's annual Congress is underway with plenty of rule changes and changes to the judging system, and they have officially voted to do away with the compulsory dance, according to Metro.  This is not a surprise, as people have been expecting it all year, but it's still a major change for the sport of ice dancing.  The compulsory dance features each couple performing the same steps to a specified tempo.

I am not a huge fan of watching compulsory dance but I do like how it compares the various teams doing pretty much the same thing - the most clear comparison we have in figure skating, perhaps. I also love seeing how the different teams put their spin on it somehow. However, I feel the basic dancing skills come out in the other two dances enough that it's obvious who the great skaters are.  What do you think?  Will you miss the compulsory dance?