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Scott Hamilton Doing Well After Brain Surgery

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Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton underwent brain surgery this morning to remove a benign tumor recurrence.  The Associated Press reports that the surgery was successful and that Hamilton is doing well.  The tumor was originally detected in 2004 and shrunk, but grew back and required surgery.  Hamilton also treated testicular cancer in 1997.

According to Hamilton's publicist:

"Quite frankly, this is just another little bump in the road for Scott," Sterling said. "He seems to have this extraordinary attitude with everything he's faced in his life, to date."

Carrie Simons, spokeswoman for Hamilton and his family, said he was resting comfortably with his family by his side.

"He and his family are so thankful to the doctors and surgical team for taking such good care of him and grateful to everyone for their thoughts and prayers," a statement said.

We are sending our wishes to Hamilton for a quick recovery!