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Asada Makes Headlines in Korea

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World Champ Mao Asada was skating in a show in South Korea last weekend and she made some headlines with interviews. 

About the rivalry with Yu-na Kim, Asada says:

 "Figure skating got more attention because of rivalry between Kim Yu-na and me. I hope the momentum carries on with more such 'good' rivalry."

I hope so too - I wish it were a real rivalry like it used to be.  But that's up to Asada's decision to make the most of the scoring system.  Speaking of the scoring system, the rule changes coming up this year have been dubbed by some to be the "Asada" rules, because most think they will be favorable to Asada in that they will raise the value of a triple axel and other changes of that sort.  Here is what Asada has to say about that:

"It's good that the ISU raised the base value of certain jumps. But that in itself isn't to my advantage. What's important is that I nail the triple axels in the competition. If I don't, the rules don't matter at all."

I would like to see a real rivalry and see more skaters learn to use the scoring system to their advantage by paying attention to all parts of their programs.  But we'll see if there are any true changes this season.