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Too Much Awesomeness; the World May Implode

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Skate queens Michelle Kwan and Yu-na Kim will be skating duets together at the end of July for the 2010 All that Summer Skate shows.  According to Korea Times:

The two queens of the ice will present their piece at the end of the first part of each of the four shows along with "Hero," a song of which the title is meaningful in the way that Kim performs with her role model Kwan.

The highly acclaimed pair performed in an ensemble piece last August at the "Ice All Stars 2009," but this is the first time that the duo will appear in a program specifically design for them.

"The song 'Hero' will touch the hearts of the fans as Michelle has been Yu-na's hero ever since she stepped into the sport," Kim's agent All That Sports said.

Too bad choreographer David Wilson goes a little bit overboard.  When talking about why the song "Hero" was selected for the piece, he includes a bit about how Kristi Yamaguchi is among those inspired by Kim's skating.  This is fine...but then he says "she now leads her life encouraged by Yu-na."  That seems a bit much to me.  But maybe I should just be thankful that Kim can keep Yamaguchi going.