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Paul Wylie on Universal Sports

Here is a video of Paul Wylie giving an interview at Universal Sports.  He discusses the changing of the guard in skating in the post-Olympic season, as well as the rule changes.  He refers to the spin rules and footwork rules as much more restrictive.  I'd be interested in hearing more about that, since most of the chatter has been about which rules are good for Yu-na Kim and which rules are good for Mao Asada...mainly talking about jumps.  He cites the emphasis on getting low in the sit spin, which can be difficult for a lot of skaters.  I will be interested to see how the rule changes in those areas affect the overall presentations. 

Wylie also says that there is a little bit of ambivalence this season because it's post-Olympic, but it creates an incredible opportunity for people to step up to the plate. 

Wylie goes on to say that the summer is the time to experiment and try out the new things you might not be as comfortable with.  He also thinks this summer is when people decide whether they are continuing on to the next Olympics.  We'll see....