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Happy Friday

Here is a roundup of some of the stories out there today:

Li Mingzhu, former coach of world champion Chen Lu and U.S. skater Caroline Zhang, has signed on to coach the Chinese women's singles skating team for four years.  Read more at

Metro's interview with Canadian Olympian Vaughan Chipeur discusses how injured he was at the Vancouver Olympics.  Considering how he skated and the fact that it was due to injury, I'm kind of surprised he didn't step aside and let someone else have the spot.  But then again, if he could skate well enough at Nationals to earn the spot, I guess he had the ability to skate well at the Olympics as well.  I love that he admits to never embracing the artistic side of skating.'s skating writer, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, writes about her experience with eating disorders in skating.  She was anorexic.

Naomi Nari Nam has gotten married, per Icenetwork.