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Nicole Bobek Interview

Nicole Bobek has spoken to press since she received a break the other day in her meth-ring sentencing and only received probation.  According to

Bobek said she's starting over in a Lake Worth skating rink, where she said she's grateful to have a second chance.

"Today will be the first time I'm back on the ice, skating, seeing where I'm at, getting on track with my life," Bobek said.She said she felt a little out of shape as she hit the ice at the Lake Worth Skate Zone. Bobek was there on Wednesday, just two days after she stood before a judge and was sentenced for her role in a 30-person methamphetamine distribution ring."I always said I would never do Olympics again because of the stress," Bobek said. "I tell you, I would do Olympics again in a heartbeat compared to standing up there and having to face the judge."

Bobek said she has been going to drug counseling.  I hope she's able to make the most of her second chance.