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In More of Yesterday's Coaching News

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American National pairs champs Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett have announced that they will leave coach Jim Peterson to work with John Zimmerman and Silvia Fontana, husband and wife skaters.  Zimmerman went to the Olympics with Kyoko Ina.  The pair are staying in Florida.

I'm surprised to see them move on to Zimmerman and Fontana...I would think if they switched coaches it would be to a coach with more pairs coaching experience and a proven ability to get skaters to that next level that Denney and Barrett are aiming for. However, I assume one of the selling points was that Zimmerman and Fontana train in south Florida, so the pair would not have to go too far from where they used to train?  I wonder what happened to cause the split with Peterson's crew.  I guess it just wasn't working out.