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Kim-Orser Controversy Jumps the Shark?

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The latest round in Kim vs. Orser (Smackdown 2010) is the news that Brian Orser (gasp!) leaked the details of Kim's new program to the media.  The program will be to Arirang.

Universal Sports says this reveal is breaking a cardinal rule and that skaters typically do not reveal their music until right before their first competition.  While I can see it was out of line for Orser to speak about Kim when she is no longer working with him (and not right for him to reveal her music if she wanted that a secret), as an aside, I must say that Universal Sports is being a bit dramatic.  I knew pretty much everyone's music last summer, months before their first Grand Prix events.  And that includes Kim.  So let's not pretend these things are actually under wraps.  Still, it is the skater's choice when to reveal it, not the disgruntled ex-coach...even if he just did it conversationally.

Kim's team is absolutely appalled and is sure that this is a malicious move.  They are pouncing on this (and publicizing it) as a way to further escalate the drama and try to make Orser look bad. If AT Sports is so concerned about keeping the reasons for the split private, why are they exacerbating every situation by publicly expressing their displeasure?  Why not just call Orser, and have a truce or something?

I also don't know why Kim's team was surprised that Orser finally announced that he had been canned (or that his contract was not extended...ostensibly the same thing).  I had been weeks since he was let go.  I think it's time everyone just chills out...maybe they can just ignore each other and Orser could (for the love of god) stop discussing Kim.

I am hoping that maybe Kim will announce a new coach or something soon so that we can move on from the Kim/Orser mess.  No one is coming out smelling like roses.