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Update on Mirai Nagasu

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While I have been under a rock, Mirai Nagasu has been nursing a stress fracture. 

Nagasu will not be competing in the Japan Open team competition in October due to the stress fracture, per Kyodo News

Icenetwork has a nice little story on Nagasu about what she is up to and how she is following Frank Carroll to Lake Arrowhead to train and she will be back on the ice stroking and getting down to business in September.

Nagasu has also shockingly broken the "cardinal rule;)" of skating and announced that her programs will be to "Witches of Eastwick" for the short and "Memoirs of a Geisha" for the free skate.  Even though she is not competing for a little while, she announced the music awhile back.  So.

I hope Nagasu has a quick recovery, but most important is that she's ready for Nationals and Worlds.  I am excited about her short program; I could do without yet another Memoirs of a Geisha program, though.