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浅田真央、中国で氷上結婚式に出席 今季のSP初披露 and it's content saying, Mao has debuted her SP for the new season ("TANGO" by Alfred Garyevich Schnittke) and performed it for the 1st time in front of the many Chinese Audiences and fans in the Beijing Ice Show "Artistry on Ice" last Sept.4. I eagerly browsed youtube for some videos that might be posted by some fans and found 2 or 3 good videos including her rehearsals!!! I must say it is such a wonderful program choreographed for her by no less than her former coach Tatiana Tarasova. Though in time, she can still polish and perform her program at her best, it is still of little disappointment that Mao still has a few problems with her jumps (she is currently starting from scratch all over again, with her jumps doing it from basic to the flow, speed, and edges), taking lessons from her jumping coach Hiroshi Nagakubo. But the rest seems to be well or better than the best she've done so far including her spins, speed and most of all her fabulous footwork. I will definitely miss the spirals this season and hope that Mao will be able to skate both her SP and LP perfectly by Nationals if not in time for the GP series.


Mao's exhibition program this season is: "Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23, CT. 2" by Frederic Chopin (Mao's favorite!)

she portrays a real ballerina practicing ballet and her simple white costume is breathtakingly beautiful and gorgeous, instead of wearing a real tutu.

After "Nocturne" and "So Deep is the Night" , Ballade is a beauty to behold after not seeing her skating to slow, airy music for awhile. You can all find some HD videos of Mao's Ballade on youtube from The Ice's official channel "theiceCTV" and other Ballade videos from this year's "Dream on Ice" ice show last June.

Mao's LP program this season is also btw another slow music: Frank Liszt's "Liebestraume" which we all know will be choreograph by Lori Nichol. She'll perform her LP come Oct.2 in the Japan Open.

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