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Updated: Yu-na Kim to Train in Los Angeles

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UPDATED:  Kim will be training at East West Ice Palace this month in the run-up to All That Skate in LA on Oct. 2 and 3rd.  If she likes conditions, she might stay.  This, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Well, East West, you have about a month to win Kim over!

Less than a week after news came out that Olympic champ Yu-na Kim would be training in Shae-Lynn Bourne's rink in Canada, comes this week's news that Kim will be training in Los Angeles at East-West Ice Palace, where Michelle Kwan trained, according to Korea Herald.

As for who is coaching Kim?  That tidbit was not included in the article.  Among the many coaches to choose from at that rink:  Peter Oppegard, Michelle Kwan's sister, Karen Kwan-Oppegard, and Naomi Nari Nam.  Mingzhu Li used to work there as well, but she has signed on to coach the Chinese team and it is unlikely she is available at Ice Palace.