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Patrick Chan Considering Second Quad

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Grand Prix Final champion Patrick Chan of Canada is considering (or seems darn close to) adding a second quad to his free skate.  It would replace his second triple axel.  Since Chan often cannot safely complete his second triple axels or is sloppy about them, and his clean quads are a thing of beauty, I'd say that's not too silly an idea. 

Chan has proven this season that with a clean quad, he can basically fall three or four times throughout a competition and still come out on top.  The judges want to give him the world championship, that seems pretty obvious.  If he were able to complete two quads in a routine, I'd wager he'd be pretty unbeatable (and I would be duly impressed).  The only ones who could compete with a two-quad Patrick Chan (despite however other many mistakes he might make) are a clean Daisuke Takahashi with a quad, and a clean Takahiko Kozuka and Nobunari Oda with quads.  And in the latter two cases, Chan would have to err substantially, from what I've seen this season.  I would consider Chan a heavy favorite going into worlds, one quad or two.

All of this talk of Chan and the Japanese skaters makes me sad that Jeremy Abbott is not part of the (my?) conversation this season.  But his performances and his programs (and their program components scores thus far) are simply not measuring up.  I would almost say he should go back to last season's programs because they were so wonderful and scored well when he skated cleanly.  But that's kind of pessimistic of me.  Perhaps we'll see Abbott peaking at the right time this year, at worlds instead of at nationals.  That would be great.