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Evan Lysacek Named USOC SportsMan of the Year

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2010 Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek has been named the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sportsman of the Year. Olympic gold medal skiier is sportswoman of the year.

Lysacek is only the second figure skater to win the SportsMan award - Scott Hamilton won in 1981. 

Anyone craving more commentary on Lysacek can read this Globetrotting article, in which Phil Hersh kinda sorta speculates that Lysacek will not be skating competitively at Sochi, considering he's involved in all these extracurricular activities.  Such as tweeting and skiing.  And just branching out outside of skating.  I have no idea what goes on inside Lysacek's mind, but men's skating is so different than it was even a year ago...I too would be surprised if Lysacek attempts to skate at Sochi.