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U.S. Nationals Senior Competition and Broadcast Schedule

The nationals are upon us!  Finally!  Here is a list of times when the competition is going on, and when you can watch it on television.  If you have Icenetwork, you can watch a lot of it live streaming as well.  All times in EST.

Competition schedule

Thursday, January 27th

3:30-6:10 pm: Pairs short program

7:15-11 pm:  Ladies short program

Friday, January 28th

3-5:40 pm:  Short Dance

7:30-11:15 pm:  Men's short program

Saturday, January 29th

10:45 am -12:15 pm: Pairs free skate (Early groups)

12:35-2 pm: Free Dance (early groups)

2:25-3:55 pm:  Pairs free (later groups)

4:20-5:55 pm:  Free Dance (later groups)

6:35-11:00 pm:  Ladies free skate

Sunday, January 30th

1:30-5:50 pm:  Mens' free skate

Broadcast schedule after the jump

Broadcast Schedule

Saturday, January 29th

NBC:  3-6pm (Pairs free skate and Free Dance)

Universal Sports: 6-9pm (Pairs, Free Dance, and Ladies short programs)

NBC:  9-11pm (Ladies free skate)

Universal Sports: 11pm (Ladies free skate)

Sunday, January 30th

NBC:  4-6pm (Men's free skate)

Universal Sports: 6-8pm (Men's free skate)

Saturday, February 5th

NBC: 2:30-4:30 pm (Gala exhibitions)