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US Nationals: Pairs Free Skate Impressions

I was not able to watch the icenetwork coverage of the early groups in today's free skate and then for some reason icenetwork doesn't let us watch the second-to-last group or something, so this will just be the final four pairs.  I hope I didn't miss a medalist! 

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett:  "Rhapsody in Blue." I like the neckline on Caydee's costume (well...all the glittery stones on it!), and I love the color.  Congrats to Jeremy on his engagement to Amanda Evora.  So sad that it is a long distance relationship these days!  AND back to skating.  She's adorable at the start, what a cute smile.  They hit their side by side triples and their throw triple lutz, so a great start.  He should have some more personality but she has a bunch in this program.  UGH Jeremy turned out of the first side by side double axel but they recovered on the next jump.  Side by side spins are actually in unison, nice.  Second throw a triple loop is landed nicely.  This is the most memorable they've skated this season.  Really nice.  Some good energy even though it's toward the end.  Very difficult lift position, one footed by Jeremy and very nerve-wracking to watch..  Really good program for them...they have a lot of ground to make up but they should be so proud that they could come back like that.  So nice to see them do this.  117.70 for the segment.  175.49 overall.  1st for now.

Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker:  "The Addams Family."  Haven't seen this program yet this season.  They have a lot of fans...or maybe Rockne does, heh.  Spiderweb costumes.  This girl looks a bit like Ellen Page from...afar. Heh.  But not really up close.  That's my analysis folks.  That was a big twist.  She almost put a hand down on their triple toe but completed the combo, which is great.  ACK she hit the ice and took a stumble and they both fell.  YIKES.  Peggy said it was "tracking."  And then they did a lift, wow.  Good for them to shake it off so quickly.  Double throw...a little easier.  I like this pair...they are smooth together.  Except when they fall.  Oh, those jumps were way out of unison but totally landed.  and she HOLDS ON to the next throw.  Aw, she is super cute.  The pairs are adorable today, what can I say.  Very different lift...I can't really describe it.  I think Peggy loves Rockne.  He had one foot as well on that lift.  Spins slightly out of unison but they get back.  Very good debut.  They are not always together and have so much to work on but what an awesome start!  Really fun to watch them.  So sad about the falls, I hope everyone is ok.  But how impressive the way they came back. 105.45 for the segment, 163.55 for second place.  So Denney and Barrett's hopes stay alive.

Caitlin Yankowskas and John Couglin:  "Ave Maria." I wish I could have the confidence and poise of 20-year-old Caitlin Yankowskas in my daily life.  Side by side double axels are good.  WOW she really held onto that throw jump...sloppy but done.  This is such a sad program.  But beautiful.  WOW three jump combo...clean!  Spins get pretty out of unison.  She does land the next throw nicely.  This lift scares me for some reason, maybe it's the camera angle.  And the final lift is very fast.  Very nice performance.  With six and a half points coming in over Denney and Barrett, they should have the lead after this.  Wow, this is so emotional.  How amazing to keep those emotions in check in the program and perform so beautifully!  124.15 for the segment, 188.45, wow...I think they will definitely have it! 

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig:  "Nessun Dorma."  Strong start for Evora and Ladwig.  Lots of energy and very crisp twist and side by side triples.  Throw triple lutz is lovely.  Spins are out of unison as well.  Side by side double axels and salchows kind of messy for Mark but they finish them.  Don't see them winning after that.  One amazing lift.  WOW what a ginormous throw triple loop...she had to touch down on the landing.  She hit the ceiling.  Two amazing lifts.  I mean, this is AMAZING.  Not great on the death spiral.  And three lifts.  OH, gosh, I don't know.  They had more errors but not sure if it was enough to knock them out of second or what.  I'm so sad that one of the top three won't get to go to worlds (although American teams never really contend there so I don't know if it matters anyway..sigh).  Mark just gave a GI Joe shout out to kids, reminding them to eat their vegetables.  Nice.  Judges are taking quite awhile on this one.  Ugh I hate this athlete lounge thing, it's really cruel.  122.35, wow!  Easily in second place.  185...something. 


1) Yankowskas and Coughlin

2) Evora and Ladwig

3) Denney and Barrett

What an emotional moment!!  Very nice.