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Ryan Bradley Wins First National Championship

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Ryan Bradley, who nearly quit competing after last season, has won his first national championship, in a shocking competition that saw reigning national champ Jeremy Abbott miss the podium.  Richard Dornbush, in his second seniors, was second, and Ross Miner, in his first senior nationals, was third.  While medal favorites like Jeremy Abbott and Brandon Mroz faltered, we saw some outstanding skating by the younger set like Dornbush, Miner, and even Adam Rippon and Armin Mahbanoozadeh.  Some really wonderful skating out there today.  Bradley wasn't perfect, but he got the job done and was certainly a sentimental favorite.

UPDATE:  Wow, just read on Tony Wheeler's blog that Joshua Farris, who skated in the early groups, actually BROKE his ankle during the free skate.  How terrible!  Best wishes for a full and quick recovery for Farris.

Full results at icenetwork.