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Caroline Zhang Changes Coaches

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There is no article on this but the Internet is abuzz with the news that Caroline Zhang has changed coaches.  She is no longer working with Tammy Gambill and is now working with Peter Oppegard, the coach of Yu-na Kim. 

Not too surprising that Zhang would change coaches, given her track record of doing so every once in awhile.  She has never looked worse, in my opinion, although I'm not sure how much of that has to do with Gambill versus her body changes.  The nicest things about her skating are gone, and although there were some visible improvements in her technique this season...she has zero consistency in skating clean.  And her biggest problem will always be a lack of speed, which has also not improved.

I feel like Zhang needs a lot of work if she ever wants to be a great skater, and I am wondering if Oppegard will have the time to devote to it, since he coaches Kim and who knows how many other skaters as well.  I will say that, despite her poor showings in the Grand Prix this season, Zhang seemed happier than she has been in years past, more upbeat or something.  Anyway, I hope she can improve.