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Junior Grand Prix Update: Estonia

The Junior Grand Prix event was held in Estonia last weekend.  Medalists listed below and full results at the International Skating Union's Web site. Two US pairs qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final for the first time since the 2007-2008 season, according to Icenetwork.


1) Gracie Gold (USA)
2) Risa Shoji (Japan...qualified for Junior Grand Prix Final)
3) Samantha Cesaria (USA...alternate for JGP Final)


1) Joshua Farris (USA...third JGP gold medal of his career.  Qualified for JGP final)
2) Maxim Kovtun (Russia...qualified for JGP Final)
3) Shomo Uno (Japan)


1) Katherine Bobak and Ian Beharry (Canada...qualified for Final)
2) Britney Simpson and Matthew Blackmer (USA, qualified for Final)
3) Jessica Calalang and Zack Sidhu (USA, qualified for the Final)

Ice Dancing

1) Anna Yanovskaia and Sergei Mozgov (Russia, qualified for Final)
2) Irina Shtork and Taavi Rand (Estonia)
3) Evgenia Kosigina and Nikolai Moroshkin (Russia)