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Cynthia Phaneuf Makes a Coaching Switch

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Former Canadian National Champ Cynthia Phaneuf has left her coaches Annie Barabe and Sophie Richard in Montreal and will now work with Brian Orser in Toronto.

Phaneuf has had a disappointing year, finishing 13th at the 2011 world championships and ending up way off the podium at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy this season.

According to The Globe and Mail:

Phaneuf has been training with Annie Barabe and Sophie Richard in Montreal since she was a young girl, but she wants to make a change to kick start her career.

Skate Canada chief executive officer William Thompson said it is not out of reach for Phaneuf to follow in the footsteps of Rochette, who was able to move from being a top-10 skater to a top-three medal contender. With the top echelon of female skaters in disarray, there is a huge opportunity for Phaneuf to insert herself into the international picture.