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Trophee Eric Bompard Preview and Predictions

Trophee Eric Bompard is the penultimate country competition in the Grand Prix. It's the last chance for many to earn a spot in the upcoming Grand Prix Final.


Why to Watch:  Volosozhar and Trankov of Russia will be going for their second Grand Prix gold.  Given the competition, this should be a breeze for them.

Keep an Eye Out For:  Russia's Bazarova and Larionov, who have had a disappointing Grand Prix, coming in fifth at Skate America.  They have a very good chance of finally medaling here.  Canada's Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford won the bronze at Skate Canada and were fairly dynamic.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them on the podium.  But America's Evora and Ladwig have a shot if they are very clean.


1) Volosozhar and Trankov (Russia)
2) Bazarova and Larionov (Russia)
3) Duhamel and Radford (Canada)


Why to Watch:  We have the current mature queens of skating (Italy's Carolina Kostner and America's Alissa Czisny) against the young jumpers (Russia's Elizaveta Tuktamisheva and Japan's Kanako Murakami).  Murakami was too sloppy in her last outing to seem very dangerous here, though.  I am very interested in seeing if Czisny can land a triple/triple (she attempted one at Skate America but did not get credit).  I am also interested in seeing how the dynamic jumping and power of young Tuktamisheva measure up the beautiful programs and polish of Kostner and Czisny.

Keep an Eye Out For:  Skate America surprise bronze medalist Viktoria Helgesson of Sweden.  Will she be able to capitalize on the errors of others once again?


1) Czisny
2) Kostner
3) Tuktamisheva

Ice Dancing

Why to Watch:  I'll be interested to see if I think Virtue and Moir of Canada's short dance has improved.  I thought their short dance was inferior to Davis and White's the last time I saw it and I wonder if they made any changes.  This is also France's Pechalat and Bourzat's chance at redemption after battling through bronchitis (his) at their first Grand Prix.  

Keep an Eye Out For:  Italy's Anna Cappelini and Luca Lanotte and Russia's Ilinykh and Katsalapov will likely battle it out for bronze.

1) Virtue and Moir (Canada)
2) Pechalat and Bourzat (France)
3) Cappelini and Lanotte (Italy)


Why to Watch:  Patrick Chan of Canada will likely skate away with the competition.  But other heavy hitters are Czech Republic's Michal Brezina and Japan's Nobunari Oda.

Keep an Eye Out For:  France's Florent Amodio.  A disastrous Grand Prix start might have lost him some confidence but we'll see what he has here.  America's Adam Rippon will be hoping to sneak onto the platform, as will surprise Cup of China bronze medalist Nan Song.

1)  Chan (Canada)
2) Oda (Japan)
3) Brezina (Czech Republic)