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Lysacek Out of Nationals

Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek will not compete at the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in 2012.  According to Examiner, the contract disagreement that pulled him out of the Grand Prix series is also keeping him out of Nationals.

I don't remember ever hearing of a situation like this before, unless it was just kept under wraps better than it is this time.  Usually when people want to compete at Nationals, they make it happen.  I just find this whole situation shocking, and a bad move on the part of Lysacek's representation. I can't imagine the offers will continue pouring in if he never competes again.  I wonder if he'll be making a change after this debacle.  I just feel like you have a limited number of years when you are able to really compete as a figure skater (granted, some people have more years than others) and it seems such a waste to sit out when you're healthy.