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Denney and Barrett End Partnership (...yesterday)

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Sorry for the late news.  Former national champions Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett have ended their pairs partnership.  I know nothing of the dynamic of this pair but I had a sneaking suspicious this would happen after the injury that caused the pair to withdraw from Four Continents.  Looks like Barrett is dunzo with competitive skating but wants to coach and Caydee Denney will start from scratch with a new partner.

I think the pair made a name for themselves nationally very quickly and that bodes well for Denney's ability to rebound (much like Rockne Brubaker hasn't had too much trouble catching national judges' eyes with new partner Mary Beth Marley).  I do think she has some weaknesses but at times she has a great presence on the ice and hopefully she'll grow into a better skater with her new partner, whoever he ends up being.

Good luck to Jeremy Barrett!  I imagine he is excited to get back to his fiance, Amanda Evora, who's been a few hours away from since he and Denney moved to be coached by John Zimmerman and Silvia Fontana.