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Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth End Partnership; Other News

So American pair Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth have officially ended their partnership.  They got a great opportunity this year with their Grand Prix invitations and they were junior national champs but were unable to compete at senior nationals when Zhang was injured.  Although...she then still attempted to compete in singles.  I wonder if Zhang will just concentrate on singles for now?  So sad to see them end it a year after their junior title.  Such is the life of an American pair.  

In the "where are they now" category, here is a little article on Rosalynn Sumners and her children's apparel and furnishings stores.  Sumners has actually been in the press a bunch this season promoting the 25th anniversary of Stars on Ice, but this article doesn't mention it.  

And here is a sad story about Keri Blakinger, a Cornell student who was arrested in December with up to $100,000 worth of heroin. Blakinger is apparently a former elite figure skater and former pairs partner of Mark Ladwig.  YIKES.  She appears to have a lot of jail time ahead of her.