Virus Warning Update

Hello, apologies once again if you have seen a virus warning on this site. It seems to be afflicting SB Nation and they are at work trying to eradicate the issue.

Please if possible, take a screenshot of the warning.

Then, close your browser and don't click on anything. Then, follow this procedure:

Send as detailed a report as possible to and include screen shots of everything abnormal you have seen. In your email include answers to the following questions:

- What browser/OS are you using? - What site were you on? - What page were you on? - When day did you first see this? - How many times have you seen it since? - Has it happened on any other sites? Which ones? - Did you click on anything after it redirected you to the virus scan screen?

Also, the product team would like to do a "screen share" session with you if this has happened to you; in your email let them know a time when you would be available to have such a session with them. The product team here has been working on eradicating this problem, and you can help.

If there is anything else I can personally do to help, I will, but the IT people at SBNation are hopefully going to be able to solve all the troubles soon.

Apologies again.

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