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France Offers 2012 Worlds to Japan

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As the International Skating Union considers petitions for the 2011 world championships relocation, France has gone ahead and offered the 2012 worlds to Japan, according to USA Today.  The event is scheduled to be in Nice.

French federation president Didier Gailhaguet says on Wednesday that giving the 2012 worlds to Japan will enable the latter to cope with the catastrophe and have more time to prepare.

Not sure when Japan will decide whether or not to accept the offer.

As for 2011, there are reports that bids have been made by the United States (Lake Placid and Colorado Springs), Canada (Vancouver), Russia (Moscow), Austria (Graz), Finland (Turku), and Croatia (possibly Zagreb).

Some are quoted in the press as giving Russia the edge and Russian president Vladimir Putin has publicly stated that the country would foot the expenses.  Moscow has the facility and the hotels necessary for the event.  We should know by Friday who receives the event.