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Adam Rippon Leaves Brian Orser, Chooses New Coach

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Adam Rippon has left coach Brian Orser and switched to Ghislain Briand, who was already a member of his coaching team.  Per Universal Sports:

"At this time I need a change in the way I've been training," Rippon said. "I've been working with Ghislain for more than two years, so the transition is natural and makes sense."

Briand coached for more than 10 years in Montreal before relocating to Barrie, Ontario, to work with Doug Leigh at the Mariposa School of Skating. A member of three-time World champion Elvis Stojko's coaching staff from 1996-2002, Briand has also worked as an IJS technical specialist.

I wouldn't argue that Rippon needs some technical help, although it seems weird to ditch Orser and stay at the same skating club...that didn't last too long for Yu-na Kim.  This isn't great publicity for Orser.  The only time he makes the news lately is when high profile skaters leave him.  But perhaps the skating carousel will deliver Orser a new attention-getting pupil.