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Worlds Prep

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So the news is all about how everyone is super prepared for worlds.  Everyone is keeping Japan in mind.  Everyone wants to win or medal.  Everyone has been waiting for this moment their whole lives.  Even Moscow.  Everyone thinks this year, things will be different.  Dreams will come true!

Some links!

Kind of awkward interview in Moscow Times with Yuko Kavaguti.

ESPN thinks the championships will bring the drama.

Interviews that don't really invoke my confidence in Ryan Bradley.  He talks about how being "along for the ride" in his first world championships in 2007 (because he was overshadowed by Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir) messed with his head.  Seriously?  I guess the absolute lack of any pressure did not help him.  Well, this time, it's a fairly high pressure situation, since he is going to be trying to hold onto three U.S. spots for his country with two rookies.  So...hope that affects him in the opposite way than the lack of pressure did. 

Rachael Flatt has been working on the jet lag problem I didn't even know she had!  I love that they have a jet lag protocol...that's what happens at Olympic training centers.  Also, she hasn't quite made it "over the edge" with her short program yet.  Honestly, if she had pushed it any further at Nationals, I think she would have internally combusted, so maybe she should just let well enough alone!  They are really still talking up that short...she also mentions the ever-elusive triple-triple, which is important, but not quite as important to her as bringing the short program to fruition, whatever that means.

Yu-na Kim is ready!   I can't imagine after watching this season of ladies skating that Kim will not win worlds.  I assume Ando will possibly be clean but an afterthought compared with Kim, and unless Asada peaks or something and has the pair of skates of her life at this competition (and Kim implodes), is there really any competition?  There have been some nice moments this season (Czisny winning Grand Prix stands out for me) but overall it really has been amateur hour, I think.  And that is a preview of my competition preview, obviously.

Alissa Czisny is delighted to be headed to worlds!

The commenter in the above article pointed me towards the magic ice that will be present at worlds!  I think something may have been lost in translation.