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Team Figure Skating Added to Olympics

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The team figure skating event has officially been added to the Sochi 2014 Olympics, according to Bloomberg and other news sites.

Per Universal Sports:

IOC's sports director Christophe Dubi told reporters the decision on which sports made the cut was based on what they were bringing to the Olympics as the IOC seeks to boost universality, youth appeal and gender equity.

"Figure skating for example is an incredible sport. It is extremely popular among various cultures and age groups. (The figure skating team event) is an incredible proposition. It is something that will add huge value to the Olympic program."

According to the IOC, the figure skating team event will feature teams made up of six skaters: one male, one female, one pairs team and one ice dancing couple. Points will be awarded to each skater/couple, and the team with the highest number of points will be the winner.

I love figure skating.  I love watching figure skating in the Olympics.  But I don't necessarily love this idea.  Part of me thinks there is already enough figure skating in the Olympics.  They can't even show all of the skating as it is because there is so much of it. 

Also, scheduling will be interesting.  Surely whoever must compete in individual events closest to the team event will be getting the short end of the stick.  When will the competition be held?  Will it take away from the other skating events that I assume will be more important for the skaters?  I know suggestions have been bandied about as ways to ensure that the team event doesn't burn out skaters who will have to compete later on, but I am really hoping they have it all figured out.  Another issue is that most of these skaters have been performing these programs all season long, is it really going to be exciting to see them perform the same program twice at the same competition?  Will anyone truly care which country wins the team competition, or will they be more worried about the other events? 

Here is a link from awhile back about the competition.  Not too many details.

Let me know what you all think.