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World Championships Update (Analysis to come!)

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I am so sorry I was off the grid this weekend!  It was for something that was planned before the world championships were postponed.  I will provide my commentary on all of the developments in the coming days.  But just to recap!

By now, you know that America's Meryl Davis and Charlie White have done what no other U.S. ice dancing pair had done before - they won the world championship!!!   Congratulations to them, how exciting.  You also know that the Shibutanis shockingly have pulled an upset of poor Pechalat and Bourzat of France for the bronze medal (the French team actually placed sixth in the free skate!).  What an amazing season for the young U.S. team, what a rapid rise!  Ice dancing is truly the class of U.S. skating right now.

You also know that Japan's Miki Ando now possesses more world championships than Korea's Yu-na Kim, and that Carolina Kostner was able to win the bronze medal at worlds, completing a disappointing ladies season.  And I will of course have to weigh in on the Rachael Flatt injury controversy.  Feel free to share your thoughts on whether she should have even been competing at worlds below.  Though Alissa Czisny came in fifth, Flatt blew the chance for a third female slot at worlds next year. 

Full standings on ladies and ice dancing.