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Some of the latest stories in the skating world:

-Russia's skating federation is trying to get the International Skating Union to reinstate Evgeny Plushenko's eligibility.  Not sure what they are so worried about - will Plushenko really be able to make the Olympic team in 2014?  Surely Russia will have more viable options by then?  Maybe not.  The federation is probably just salivating over the thought of a Plushenko/Artur Gachinski one-two punch. 

-Japan's Daisuke Takahashi has finally had a bolt removed from his knee left over from his surgery three years ago.  Takahashi should be able to start training again by the end of June.  Not sure how much this was bothering him last season but hopefully the removal will help him this year.

-Johnny Weir has been named grand marshal of the LA Pride Parade which takes place on June 12.  Also, he recently was interviewed by Phil Hersh and did not commit to a return to skating.  He did talk about how often he is in the news despite the Olympics having been more than a year ago, so it seems rather obvious to me that he won't be skating competitively again unless he deems it necessary to get himself back in the news.  So, no time soon, then.  Although he denies this in the article: 

Weir insists he would not turn an attempt to make a third Olympics into a publicity stunt to prolong -- or refresh -- his visibility.

``I couldn't bank on Sochi bringing me publicity,'' he said.  ``I would come back for the sheer joy of competing and performing.''

Well, he probably COULD bank on Sochi bringing him publicity.  Look how much Vancouver did for him!