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In the (slow) news

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Not too much news out there about skaters right now...seems things have taken a moment of calm since the rash of breakups and coach switches.  Here are some of the things that are being reported (aside from Johnny Weir's every Macy's appearance, which I can't keep up with...):

Peggy Fleming Health Chat on Friday and promotion of senior skating competition

This reporter from the Colorado Springs Independent thinks Rachael Flatt has been mistreated and her recent fine by the USFSA will have the effect of causing athletes to never report their injuries.  Actually, it will just keep them from reporting injuries AFTER the competition, and honestly, it's too late for the injury to matter to anyone else then anyway, so I'd rather they keep it to themselves at that point.  Some skaters do indeed report injuries and withdraw when they are not prepared for a competition, and this fine is just to reinforce that that is the right thing to do, for both the injured skater as well as for the others involved.  I don't think Flatt is unethical and I think she got bad advice, but I also think she made a mistake.  The worst part is that she would have a much better reputation as a skater right now if she had withdrawn and not placed 12th.  That's a pretty poor placement. 

Sarah and Drew from Icenetwork report on the Young Artists' Showcase, a competition for choreographers which will have its finals in Washington, D.C. in Decemeber.  I have never been to one of these before but I love the idea of spotlighting new choreographers.  It gets a little tiring when all of the top skaters are choreographed by the same four or five people.