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Grand Prix Draw is Out and Evan Lysacek May Be In

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The International Skating Union has released the information about the coming Grand Prix season and the big news is that Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek has received some invitations.  I am not sure if he is definitely going to compete (sometimes skaters will accept the invite but not withdraw) but that could be a big development for an American male team that experienced a disastrous nationals last season and also lost its third world championship spot.

Skate America will be the first event once again.  It takes place in Ontario, California, which I had never heard of until today. Here is the release from ISU.  The full entry lists are here.

Yu-na Kim is not competing in the Grand Prix, once again.

America's Armin Mahbanoozadeh has only received one invite, though there is a TBD invite to Skate America that could go to him, I suppose.  Additionally, there will now be only 10 competitors in the singles categories and eight competitors in the pairs and ice dancing.

There isn't even an American pair competing at Skate Canada.  In ice dancing, the American presence is even smaller, perhaps because the ice dancing teams waited longer to break up than the pairs teams so any invites they may have received then went to skaters from other countries.  Davis and White and the Shibutanis will be the great hopes, and both teams are likely to come back with some medals so it's definitely a matter of quality over quantity.