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Agnes Zawadzki Returns to Former Coach

Agnes Zawadzki, the 2010 U.S. junior champ, is leaving her coach Tom Zakrajsek and returning to former coach David Santee.

Christy Krall will be assisting with Santee's training in Colorado Springs, according to USFSA.  Krall also coaches for Patrick Chan. 

I never saw Zawadzki when she worked with Santee. I tend to think it's a good idea for skaters to leave Zakrajsek at a certain point, but we'll see how this affects Zawadzki's skating.  (Updated to clarify - the reason I want to see someone like Zawadzki leave Zakrajsek is because I feel like some skaters seem to stagnate a bit under him, particularly stylistically.  I'm thinking of someone like Rachael Flatt - she always said she was working on her presentation but it never quite showed except in small moments here and there.  I fear Zawadzki going down that path as well and I think Zawadzki has a lot of potential to be a great all-around skater, so I hope she focuses on every aspect of the skating and perhaps going somewhere new (or apparently, old) is a way to do that).

She just needs to be cleaner and maybe gain a bit more maturity on the ice and she'll be able to get one of the top three medals at nationals pretty soon (she came in fourth this season).  She's got some nice, big jumps.