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Swing Shift

Here is an icenetwork article about Jeremy Abbott working on a swing music short program for the upcoming skating season.

Abbott is working with champion swing dancer Buddy Schwimmer and his son, So You Think You Can Dance winner Benji Schwimmer.

Last season, Abbott worked with flamenco dancer Antonio Najarro, who choreographed his short program. He told Sato he wanted to work with a dancer again, and Sato asked Kristi Yamaguchi, who won the sixth season ofDancing With the Stars, for advice. She suggested they talk to Lacey Schwimmer, whose father Buddy is known as the "King of Swing."

"I went out to California, and Buddy said, 'Benji has a ton of music.' That morning I realized that Benji was the So You Think You Can Dancechampion. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bit star-struck. I watched parts of that season. My mom got really into that season, and she loved Benji, she talked about him all the time. So he hopped on board with the choreography. It was a great collaboration, and I felt really comfortable with them. It was a great experience getting to work with people who are so well-liked and respected in their field."

Abbott will skate to a medly that includes Sing Sing Sing.  I like the idea of swing music bringing out Abbott's personality and I'm sure he will be a natural fit for it (unlike, in my opinion, the way he was with his flamenco music short program this season). 

As for the long program, Abbott and coach Yuka Sato are choreographing it together to Redemption from the Exogenesis Symphony by Muse.  

The article also addresses Abbott's boot problems from last season.  He says the boots are no longer bothering him.  Abbott will be competing in the Cup of China and Cup of Russia.  Let's hope he can have a comeback of sorts.  He's too good a skater to see him end up off the nationals medal podium as he did last season.