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Tonya and Nancy:  The Rock Opera is playing at Club Oberon in Massachusetts this week (per Icenetwork).  It is an adaptation of earlier work Tonya and Nancy:  The Opera (aw, all Tonya ever wanted was top billing!).  The operas were written by Elizabeth Searle.

For the many scenes of practice and competition, Tonya and Nancy act out skating poses as cast members push them on rolling platforms. It's both ridiculous and strangely effective, although Nancy starts each program by pumping her arms like a hockey player. Skater and performer Lee David Skunes worked with Sergeant and Champagne and they capture a number of trademark poses. A few details are almost eerie, like Tonya coughing and puffing at her inhaler, and some lines are taken straight from 1994 news stories.

If I were in Massachusetts, not sure I could miss this.  More info here.

The only thing is, the Tonya and Nancy story has been done so many times! I'm trying to think of some other ice skating-related rock operas I'd like to see.  Some suggestions:

Evan and Johnny:  Real Skaters Wear Sequins

Katarina and Yu-na:  Five Rings to Rule Them All

Hair (starring Adam Rippon)

Eyebrows (starring Daisuke Takahashi)

Aliona and Fuschia:  A Love Story

The Three Faces of Miki Ando: They All Look the Same and Strangely Emotionless

Detroit Rock City: A Collaboration between Eminem and Alissa Czisny

Patrick Chan Superstar (in which Chan not only martyrs himself but also single-handedly brings himself back to life and completes a quintuple lutz afterward while all of Canada watches on CBC and complains that he was underscored)

Oh, gosh, I could go on all day.  What are some skating rock operas you would go see?