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9/11 Charity Update

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The saga continues with news about the 9/11 charity run by Johnny Weir's agent Tara Modlin.  We previously blogged about Modlin's organization losing its charity exemption from the IRS for failing to file paperwork.

Modlin's group is named The Heritage Foundation of 9/11.  The group never sent any money to 9/11-affected victims or families, but it produced skating shows with the aim of raising 9/11 awareness (per the group's mission).  The New York Post recently reported that the charity is now being "looked into" by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  The article states that parents of kids who paid to audition for the ice shows believed money was going to 9/11 victims.

I think this is more than likely leading to nothing - if the group never promised to give money to anyone, I don't see how they can be charged with a crime.  I have a feeling that the Post called the Attorney General's office to complain about Modlin's group and the people just told them they would look into it and voila, a story materializes.  If there is ever cause to start a real investigation into the charity, though, that's when things would get interesting.