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Mao Sits Out Training Camp

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Japan's Mao Asada was absent from the recent Japan Skating Federation's training camp, according to The Japan Times

The author writes that Asada stated she was "exhausted" after the delayed world championships and preparations for the Grand Prix season.  If Asada ends up somehow pulling out of the Grand Prix season, that would take out two Japanese ladies in Miki Ando and Mao Asada.  However, I have a feeling that, like last season, Japan's younger ladies could rise to the occasion and still medal against the best the rest of the world has to offer (which isn't saying a lot for the rest of the world!).  Asada is still on the rosters for the Grand Prix season right now, however. 

Asada was a nonentity early on last season and then again at worlds.  Would it matter if she ended up skipping the Grand Prix?  Or would you like to see if she has made an improvement after last season's rocky ups and downs?