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Yu-na Kim Time Interview

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Time recently interviewed Olympic gold medalist Yu-na Kim.  It's not particularly long but it's worth reading for Kim fans. 

I was interested in the section where Kim talked about last season's programs.

Last season, you mixed in motifs from Korean traditional music to your long program "Homage to Korea." Was that a bit of risk?
Yes, because to non-Asians, Chinese, Japanese and Korean music could easily sound the same. I was really concerned about how to express "Korea." I don't think it can be done in any one motion or gesture or song, so I tried to focus on my own emotions. In the end, I think the program was very modern, despite its use of traditional music.

Clearly, Korean fans adored it. How well was it received by the international judges and audience?
The choreographer [David Wilson] had suggested doing a Korean program several times, but I had always declined because I was worried about the global reception. But after the Olympics and the gold medal, I wanted to do something for the Korean fans who have given me so much attention and support. It was a present to them. Honestly, I don't think it spoke to the international judges as effectively.

That's pretty honest; I think I had a similar reaction to the international judges.  Since I only saw her compete the program once, and it wasn't her best outing, I can't say whether it was just the newness that kept it from resonating.  I probably would have liked it more if I had seen it a few more times.